SwShCH Jayncourt Natural Star
Born 2001-03-01

Photo Tanja

Foto Päivi Hoffgren, Finland

@ 7 years

8 years

4 x CC . 3 x BOB . 1 x BOS

BIS at LRK/Ö:s Wintershow

JGD CH Precious For Eternity Jingle Jangle
SwShCH Winnie's Mary Go Round
SwShCH Annual's Northern Savanna
SwShCH Annual's Night Harmony
SwShCH Annual´s Nut Cracker
Annual's No More Mr Nice Guy
CH Snoopy's gang One of a kind
SwShCH Winnie's Maryland
Bradstone´s Pillow Talk
Annual's Northern Star
Annual's No No Nanette
Dalwood Kind of Magic
Annual's Naughty Girl
Bumpkins Cotton Candy
SwShCH Eatons Calvin
Annual's Nitty Gritty
Annual's No Kidding
Annual´s Navy Girl
Dalwood King Oliver
Dalwood Kerry Gold
Mambrinos Charlston
Mambrinos Cecilia


Hips B - B , Elbows 0-0 , Clear eyes February 2011 , Optigen Normal/clear

CH Sandylands Gad-About CH Sandylands My Guy CH Kupros Master Mariner
Sandylands Bramble
CH Sandylands Bliss CH Trenow Brigadier
Sandylands Rae
Jayncourt Star-Blossom Jayncourt Star Tradition CH Sandylands My Guy
Jayncourt Star Surprise
Jayncourt Moonbeam Jayncourt Star-Kracker
Jayncourt Jingle Jangle



Lena Wiberg-Johansson * Lötsta Gård * 153 94 HÖLÖ * 08-55159207 Fax 08-55159208


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